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    CSF -u Command Not Found - Help

    Hi -

    I have installed and I have been running CSF for many years; however, this evening I went to upgrade CSF by logging into the server via SSH --> su to Root and entered the command:
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    Thunderbird Additional Note

    I also found it easy to use the "Add Email Account" Wizard to auto detect the server settings.

    This is often the best method to ensure a proper setup each time.

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    Thunderbird Settings for DirectAdmin

    Hi Guys -

    To setup Thunderbird to connect to a DirectAdmin email account please set the following for each email account under, "Server Settings":

    Security Settings:
    Connection Security: ...
  4. Hi Jeff - Thank you for the reply. ...

    Hi Jeff -

    Thank you for the reply.

    Well,...I'm just a dude that owns a server which host a few websites. I'm not much of a programmer nor claim to be a wiz at webmastering :eek:

    Some of...
  5. Helo

    Jeff -

    I found these links for Cpanel users:

    They are very similar to the instructions above and are specific to the...
  6. Floyd - Thank you for the link. I made the...

    Floyd -

    Thank you for the link.

    I made the changes as you recommended in #58 to the exmi.conf file and created the new "Interfaces" file in the /etc/virtual/ directory adding each URL and...
  7. A few questions for clarity

    Jeff - you mention,

    Can you provide a link to this thread? I can not find any other threads on this subject other than this one. - thank you.

    Regarding the Instructions by Shadow79:

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    Sticky: SpamBlocker for Sale or Open License?

    Hi Jeff -

    Will SpamBlocker 3 be a commercial plugin for DA or will you offer the plugin free on an open license?

    Also, as a potential customer :) is this something that I use "In Addition to"...
  9. Resolved!

    Hey Forum -

    I found the answer in the ConfigServer Firewall & Security Forum.

    It appears that this problem is related to the config file for the CSF plugin in DirectAdmin.

    As my particular...
  10. Mail Queue Full of Sender:root@hostname Recipient:root@hostname emails

    Hi Forum -

    I just completed a new build of DirectAdmin and installed ConfigServer Firewall&Security for the 1st time but I'm experiencing a new problem I have not had in the past but don't know if...
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    Summary of Steps I took to get this to work...

    Try the following if you plan on using a Certificate:

    IMPORTANT: Follow the instructions from this URL: up to Step 3.

    Upon reaching Step 3...
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