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    I know that there is already some IPv6 support implemented in DirectAdmin but it's still in alpha.

    The how-to at helps a little bit but still adding IPv6 to all accounts on the server is a pain and actually without special shell scripts it's hard to enable IPv6 for everyone on the server.

    The support of IPv6 in DirectAdmin should be now one of the priorities.

    Most important features are:
    - automatic AAAA entries for all existing and new users
    - recovery of IPv6 addresses during account restore
    - automatic rewrite of IPv6 during account transfer to other server
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    No thanks.

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    @huan, I agree. We need 100% IPV6 support in DirectAdmin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scsi View Post
    No thanks.
    This is a very short-sighted answer. You can't escape from IPv6 implementation. It's a matter of months when providers run out of IPs. Most of data centers already restricted their IP4 policies and it's not so easy to get additional addresses anymore.
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    Note that the purpose of this reply is NOT to disagree that we need to start moving towards IPv6; we do.

    However you should note that if your datacenter cannot supply you every IPv4 address you need then you've got a real problem because until all visitors come from IPv6 addresses there's no easy (maybe no way at all) to serve those visitors unless you have an IPv4 address.

    If you think I'm wrong, then I'm willing to be corrected; please post your method, with links to documentation.


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    and, to add, many ISPs, mine included, have no native IPv6 yet.

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