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Thread: Internal server licensing

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    Internal server licensing


    I applied 10 days ago for an internal licensing account. I wrote to u guys on with my client id : 36813 . The email that i wrote u from has the same adress that this account is registered with.

    Can somebody tell me if anybody in DA team received my email or maybe it was flagged as spam because I don't know why but it often happens to me ...


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    greatly appreciated

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    Quote Originally Posted by ooo4321 View Post
    I wrote to u guys on with my client id
    Just for general reference, a post on this forum is never a way to contact u guys if by u guys you mean the DirectAdmin staff. This is a self-help forum. DirectAdmin should always be contacted directly using Safe Submit if email doesn't seem to elicit a reply.

    You should also check to make sure email from DirectAdmin isn't being marked as spam.

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