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Thread: how to connect to mysql wiht Mysql Quiery Browser

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    how to connect to mysql wiht Mysql Quiery Browser

    Hi there

    i want to use mysql Quiry Browser but how do i connet to database.

    i changed the localhost to my ip address but still i cant get connect.

    and the reason i want to use mysql quiery Browser my database is larger then 2.5 meg and phpmyadmin doest allow me to upload larger then 2.1 meg.

    any suggestions.

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    What error message do you get when you try to connect?
    And MySQL is accepting connections through the same port and you've added you IP to the allowed list of hosts?

    And your personal and/or server firewalls aren't blocking the connections?
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    Hi there thanks for your responce.

    i get this error message when i try to connect.
    could not connect to specified instance

    Mysql Error Number 2003

    cant connect to mysql server on .......myip.......(10060)

    i have added my own ip on access hosts .

    its driving me crazy .

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    Was there ever a follow-up to this? I have exactly the same problem now and it so frustrating as I have a customer who uses MySQL Administrator.

    I get exactly the same error, I have also added my static IP addresses from my ISP and I have spoken to my host who has added my IP addresses to the firewall.

    I am at the end of my tether now, I can do no more to try and make it work.



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    Generally if you can't connect to something either it's not working or it's being blocked somewhere along the way.

    First make sure the service is running.

    Then turn off ALL possible firewalls along the way.

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