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Thread: SSH Jail

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    SSH Jail


    Is it possible to install an SSH Jail with DA, I wish to allow SSH on some of my pacakges but only so users can browse their own directorys.

    I have read up on one article but i think it only works with cPanel. Any ideas?


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    We don't yet have jailing implemented with DA. You could do it, but it would be independant of DA....


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    Could you perhaps tell us how?

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    I'm in the process of figuring it out myself. The hardest part is creating the whole filesystem for each user. Since they've been boxed into their home directory, they can run any programs that are outside of it.. so *all* programs that they'll need must be copied into their home. Also, all libraries that these programs depend on must be copied. Trust me when I say, "you'll know when it's ready"


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    Ok, Thanks John.

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