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Thread: External DNS

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    I'm quite new to DA, and do not wish to run my own nameservers, so I got 2 nameservers I can use from my domain seller.

    However: I wish customers who I offer hosting including domain registration to manage their own dns records if they like.

    Now I read the trick with the hidden master. Can I make these dns servers from my reseller to become slaves after my hidden master? (I do not have access to their systems) Or am I missing an important DNS functionality here?

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    It's quite possible, as long as you have a method of telling the slaves which zones they're supposed to slave for you. The rest is just a basic hidden master-setup which you can read about alot of places. Try a google-search.

    There are also several threads about this on these forums.
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    I will try to look this up :-)
    Can this by any way be done with the SOA record in the zone file?
    ( Then I know if i'm on the right way )

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    ONly putting links here for wo find this by searching.

    If you are looking for
    I do not want to run DNS services on my DirectAdmin Server.

    You have to take care for a howto the DKIM S then i think?

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