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Thread: bsdpan-Mail-SpamAssassin-CompiledRegexps-body_0-1.0 and DB_File

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    bsdpan-Mail-SpamAssassin-CompiledRegexps-body_0-1.0 and DB_File

    I'm trying to replace all of the bsd-* packages to p5-*
    I have 2 left (i think that they were installed from the DA script) :

    bsdpan-Mail-SpamAssassin-CompiledRegexps-body_0-1.0 ! Comparison failed
    bsdpan-DB_File-1.815 ! Comparison failed

    I've read that db_file is included in perl 2.5.8 but you have to install the
    Port: db41-4.1.25_4
    Path: /usr/ports/databases/db41
    Info: The Berkeley DB package, revision 4.1

    and then reinstall perl.

    Has anyone tried it?

    About spamassassin regexps i see a folder in :

    but make search name=CompiledRegexps gives no results.

    Is it included in p5-spamassasin now? is it safe to delete it?

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    Larisa, Greece
    Finally I've just pkg_delete the 2 modules and make a reinstall of p5-spamassassin, the regexps is included in spamassassin's perl module.
    Concerning the db_file module after some reading in google, some say that its with perl's default installation and others say that you can make deinstall reinstall perl after installing db41 package.
    I did that reinstall, things are working for now

    At least i dont have the comparison failed message in pkg_version and package held in pkgdb -F.

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