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Thread: different nameserver for each Class C

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    different nameserver for each Class C


    I was recommended to do this when I set up my virtual hosting seo account,
    "different nameserver for each Class", but there was no explanation as to how to do this.

    When I am logged in to Direct Admin, all I see is a Save button to change the ns1 & ns2 but nowhere to allocate different namesservers to the 10 C class ips.

    Any help here?



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    Were you given another ip on another class C block to use on your server? You have to have the ip available first.
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    Is your DirectAdmin server actually responding to all those class C IPs? If so then you can simply set up nameserver names:

    for example:

    You must set these up first at the registrar for each domain, pointing to the specific IP#s as you posted.

    Then you can also set up NS records with these nameserver names, and A records, pointing these nameserver names to the specific IP#, in the specific zone files for each domain.

    That takes care of the first nameserver for each domain. For the second nameserver for each domain you should probably get slave nameservice from your vendor; if they gave you those IP#s on one server then they're probably search-engine friendly enough to have a slave DNS service that'll do the same on different IP#s.

    We offer slave DNS services but we only have three different C classes.

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