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Thread: .htaccess file for WP installation

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    .htaccess file for WP installation

    I am new to DirectAdmin so have what I would imagine is a basic here goes:

    I have installed WP 2.7.1 on the root directory of the desired domain. I wish to change my permalink structure and WP needs to update my .htaccess file.

    Is a .htaccess file automatically created during the install OR do I have to create one?

    If I create one, do I just go to the public_html folder in file manager, create a new file and then change the permissions to allow WP to write to it?

    Does anything need to be added to the .htaccess file for it to work?
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    I will answer my own question in case it helps someone else; I did not have a .htaccess file in the Public HTML folder. I simply created a file named .htaccess and set the permissions and WP can write to it.


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    What did you set the permissions to? I'll be installing WP as well and have just bought a reseller account an hour ago (talk about being a newbie)


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