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Thread: lenny with exim auth problem

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    lenny with exim auth problem

    Hello there,

    I'm a fresh member of this forum and software client, i think this is great, by for the last past days i have been dealing with some kind of a headake configuring exim on my debian lenny distro.

    I've try over and over again to google-it (on the exim auth problem) but there where poor topics related to my issue, but one link came in front of all, an archive, and it's about a past problem that a user had with exim in 2006, wich it never find solution.

    Here's the link :

    I've even tried to install exim4, and switch the 2 versions of i've found, one (older) from templates and the one from direct admin /servicies site.

    Same think with exim.conf and exim4.conf.

    The single big difference from the other users that shared the same problem is that i cannot send mail neither from squerremail, nor from other mail client ( but i can login and verify, dovecot work fine- i see).

    Some logs:

    login authenticator failed for localhost ([89.xx.xx.xx]) []: 535 Incorrect authentication data (set_id=client)

    login authenticator failed for ([10.xx.xx.x]) [86.xx.xx.xx]: 535 Incorrect authentication data (set_id=client)

    tcp 0 0* LISTEN 27073/exim4
    tcp 0 0* LISTEN 27073/exim4
    tcp 0 0* LISTEN 27073/exim4

    Some some help will be great.

    Tnks in advance.

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    Ok, i've tried that link and still the problem persists.

    I must mention that in clients web page on the mail section i see : Cannot open the user password file for reading .

    Then i've searched the passwd file @ /etc/virtual/, on clients folder and found that passwd is an empty file.

    I belive that exim reads this file for authentication on users mail, as i can not send email, but i can authenticate on dovecot and search the inbox for emails.

    Also, after finding the passwd file being empty i've check the /home/client/.shadow file wich appear to be ok and written.

    In DA log it shows this line :

    Socket write error: fd is connected to a pipe or socket whose reading end is closed. When this happens the writing process will also receive a SIG_PIPE signal. (Thus, the write return value is seen only if the program catches, blocks or ignores this signal.)

    I'm stuck in a loop ...someone ?
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    We use "exim" and not "exim4".

    I would recommend first getting rid of the exim4 package.
    Once gone and stopped, type:
    cd /usr/local/directadmin/scripts
    which would re-install ours. A quick redo of scsi's comment would be a good idea to ensure you've got a clean exim.conf:

    If you're running dovecot don't forget to repatch.

    Note that for system account login, (eg same as DA login) for email, the /etc/virtual/ does not apply at all. In fact, no domain applies for the system account email. It's real domain is your hostname. The /home/username/.shadow file is used for smtp-auth, and the /etc/shadow is used for everything else (dovecot, da login, ssh). If smtp-auth is failing try the following:

    Resave the password through DA. Click the big icon at the top, change the password, then repeat to set it back to the one you want. This should reset the /home/username/.shadow file's value. It might have been out of sync, or perhaps incorrect permissions. This will reset the value and permiissions.


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