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Thread: DirectAdmin on FreeBSD 7.1

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    DirectAdmin on FreeBSD 7.1


    When will be available a version of DirectAdmin on FreeBSD 7.1 ?

    As you might now FreeBSD 7.1 is faster than 7.0 and 6.x series, and scales better on multiple cpus, having ULE scheduler, instead of 4BSD which is still default on 7.0.

    I am asking this question because it seems 7.x series will add better performance/scalability and it might be a very good choice for future web servers.

    We are using Direct Admin on FreeBSD 6.2, it is a nice solution (better than CPanel or Plesk), we tried it on CentOS, where seems faster than FreeBSD 6.2, but less secure (because of security we've still running everything on FreeBSD).

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    I cannot tell you when DA FreeBSD 7.1 will be officially supported however I can tell you that there are various existing topics regarding help with what you are asking. I can also say that I've got DA up and running on two seperate FreeBSD 7.1 system with little to no issues. Some topics i reccommend reading;
    deals with installing DA on 7.0 but the differnce between 7.0 and 7.1 in this instance is, in my opinion, negligible.
    i have partially tested this method myself and would say an experienced tech would have no problems getting round any small problems to result in a flawless ports-only setup.

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    I'm currently running v1.33.7 compiled on FreeBSD 7.0 but currently running FreeBSD 7.2. Speed performance and memory use significanly improved in the v7.2. Direct admin is still running rocksolid!!

    After using it for more then a year now, I like it more then CPanel.

    So I'd say, go ahead, buy and install it on your server(s)


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