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Thread: Time Out Error trying to delete large account

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    Question Time Out Error trying to delete large account

    My VPS is running DirectAdmin and today while trying to
    delete a large account (about 7GB) i got the following error:

    "Your connection has timed out


    Either your request was invalid or the program hasn't completed your request.
    Please notify the server admin"

    Could you please help me figure out a way around this?
    What settings would I need to change to let the delete process run
    until it completes the delete task?

    I have searched on the direct admin forums and i can't find an answer.


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    As a workaround I'd suggest deleting some of the largest files through a root shell login.

    Then try again.

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    As well, to increase the timeout duration, go to:

    Admin Level -> Admin Settings

    and increase the timeout as needed.

    I've also added a changed timeout value for User deletion for the next release:


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