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Thread: DA - An error has occurred while trying to update the software

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    Exclamation DA - An error has occurred while trying to update the software

    Hi Chaps,

    I noticed that my VPS provider seemed to be having trouble updating the license file (I got a couple of messages from the message system to inform me of errors during the update), so I thought I would help them out by making sure that I'm using the most up to date software. Boy, was that a mistake!

    When I tried to update DA from within DA, after a few minutes, I received the following message in the message system.

    Subject: *** An error has occurred while trying to update the software *** Today at 07:05
    This is an automated message notifying you that an error has occurred while trying to update the software.
    The generated error message is as follows:

    Error restoring file /usr/local/directadmin/update.tar.gz :
    gzip: stdin: not in gzip format
    /bin/tar: Child returned status 1
    /bin/tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors
    : tar returned error code 512<br>
    Try updating manually:<br>

    Please contact JBMC-Software, including the error message. Failure to do so could result in an inactive control panel.
    This is really worrying as I'm in the Philippines right now but due to fly to UK tonight, so won't have much chance to fix this if it goes down. Does anyone have any ideas please?

    Kind regards,

    Kind regards,


    My Server Details
    I'm running a VPS provided by
    The VPS has a Parallels Power Panel - Virtuozzo Container manager and the OS is CentOS 5.0

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    If the DirectAdmin license is provided by then they are the ones that will need to fix it.
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    Just to help everyone's comfort zone: If DirectAdmin fails the hosting stack will still continue to run.

    And to amplify a bit on what Floyd writes: That message generally means that your server didn't get a valid updte tarball, but an error message.

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