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Thread: 64 bit debian server & 3rd party software

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    64 bit debian server & 3rd party software

    I’m planning to setup a new 64 bit debian server with directadmin this week and I would like to know if it’s recommended to use the 3rd party software that we always installed on our old 32bit servers.

    IMAP support for PHP (imap-2007e)

    Do you think that it would be ok to use the above software or add-ons with my new 64 bit server?
    Are there any other 64bit versions or related software that I should consider?
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    All systems Debian with the latest DirectAdmin

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    looks good, except i would use CSF + LFD instead of APF /BFD.
    It integrates into DA very good, so you have GUI for it.

    also CSF does have more functions and settings then APF.

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