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Thread: pop3 detail logging like "subject"

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    pop3 detail logging like "subject"

    Looking for an option or feature that will allow me to log information about what exactly the messages were getting, for example using the message subject. I just depends on the detailed log, as is the case for the SMTP server where you can read the full information about the sender, subject, etc..
    In dovecot, I did not find option to get detail info about connection to pop3.

    I need my client to give full information about the way the message. From the receipt by the SMTP server to download the client.

    You can hint something?...

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    So, I found how to do it.
    In /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf section

    protocol pop3

    mail_plugins = mail_log notify
    and turn on
    and after added:
    plugin {
      # Events to log. Also available: flag_change append expunge
      mail_log_events = delete undelete copy mailbox_delete mailbox_rename append flag_change
      # Group events within a transaction to one line.
      mail_log_group_events = no
      # Available fields: uid, box, msgid, from, subject, size, vsize, flags
      # size and vsize are available only for expunge and copy events.
      mail_log_fields = uid box msgid size subject from
    That's all. I have in log which message users downloaded by pop3 by field msgid and subject.

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