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Thread: Download Files?

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    Question Download Files?

    Is it possible to download your files? I can't find my files for a web site I built for a class. I was hoping I could download it and edit it from there.

    If it is possible, please tell me how to do it.


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    Doiwnload who's files? We're the DirectAdmin forum, run by DirectAdmin to help administrators who use the DirectAdmin control panel to host websites. We're not your webhosting provider. We can't help you with this. Contact your webhosting provider.

    +1 951 643-5345
    Third-Party DirectAdmin administration and support
    Dedicated Servers, Dedicated Reseller Accounts
    NoBaloney Internet Services div. Qnito Incorporated
    848 North Rainbow Blvd., Suite #3789
    Las Vegas, NV 89107-1103

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