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Thread: help needed for Proxy configuration

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    help needed for Proxy configuration

    I am having troubles with my ISP. because of a alleged abuse of my server they have blocked port 80 for outgoing traffic.
    The problem is that I have to update my software/programs running on that server, and install new software in order to make sure the box is completely secure.

    They offered me a solution that I can get the updates (or use wget or wathever) if I implement a proxy server for all outgoing http request.

    The told me that I should use on port 8080 for that (of course with other URL).

    How do I set that up?

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    Time to find a new isp then.

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    even stop hosting on my own premises....

    but for real is proxypass something that can be used?

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    Of course you can use a proxy, you can try this list

    If you stuck to your ISP and you don't want to move out, buy a VPN and route outgoing traffic via VPN.
    With regards, Alex.

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