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Thread: PCRE library version 8.30 04-February-2012

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    PCRE library version 8.30 04-February-2012

    Version 8.30 04-February-2012
    1.  Renamed "isnumber" as "is_a_number" because in some Mac environments this
        name is defined in ctype.h.
    2.  Fixed a bug in fixed-length calculation for lookbehinds that would show up
        only in quite long subpatterns.
    3.  Removed the function pcre_info(), which has been obsolete and deprecated
        since it was replaced by pcre_fullinfo() in February 2000.
    4.  For a non-anchored pattern, if (*SKIP) was given with a name that did not
        match a (*MARK), and the match failed at the start of the subject, a
        reference to memory before the start of the subject could occur. This bug
        was introduced by fix 17 of release 8.21.
    5.  A reference to an unset group with zero minimum repetition was giving
        totally wrong answers (in non-JavaScript-compatibility mode). For example,
        /(another)?(\1?)test/ matched against "hello world test". This bug was
        introduced in release 8.13.
    6.  Add support for 16-bit character strings (a large amount of work involving
        many changes and refactorings).
    7.  RunGrepTest failed on msys because \r\n was replaced by whitespace when the
        command "pattern=`printf 'xxx\r\njkl'`" was run. The pattern is now taken
        from a file.
    8.  Ovector size of 2 is also supported by JIT based pcre_exec (the ovector size
        rounding is not applied in this particular case).
    9.  The invalid Unicode surrogate codepoints U+D800 to U+DFFF are now rejected
        if they appear, or are escaped, in patterns.
    10. Get rid of a number of -Wunused-but-set-variable warnings.
    11. The pattern /(?=(*:x))(q|)/ matches an empty string, and returns the mark
        "x". The similar pattern /(?=(*:x))((*:y)q|)/ did not return a mark at all.
        Oddly, Perl behaves the same way. PCRE has been fixed so that this pattern
        also returns the mark "x". This bug applied to capturing parentheses,
        non-capturing parentheses, and atomic parentheses. It also applied to some
    12. Stephen Kelly's patch to CMakeLists.txt allows it to parse the version
        information out of instead of relying on pcre.h.generic, which
        is not stored in the repository.
    13. Applied Dmitry V. Levin's patch for a more portable method for linking with
    14. ZH added PCRE_CONFIG_JITTARGET; added its output to pcretest -C.
    15. Applied Graycode's patch to put the top-level frame on the stack rather
        than the heap when not using the stack for recursion. This gives a
        performance improvement in many cases when recursion is not deep.
    16. Experimental code added to "pcretest -C" to output the stack frame size.
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    I installed this today as it was added to custombuild. But my httpd wouldn't compile after it.

    server/.libs/libmain.a(util_pcre.o): In function `ap_regcomp':
    /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/httpd-2.2.22/server/util_pcre.c:140: undefined reference to `pcre_info'
    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
    make[1]: *** [httpd] Error 1
    make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/httpd-2.2.22'
    make: *** [all-recursive] Error 1

    *** The make has failed, would you like to try to make again? (y,n):
    So I've reverted back to pcre .21.

    I've googled it and seems to be a bug:

    and the fix was proposed for httpd 2.2, but I guess it isn't been added just yet. 2.4 should be fine if I understand correctly.

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    *** MD5 Checksum for pcre-8.30.tar.gz failed *again*.***

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