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Thread: RVSitebuilder released preview of version 5

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    RVSitebuilder released preview of version 5

    We are pleased to announce the preview release of RVSitebuilder version 5
    for cPanel and DirectAdmin for review and testing purposes. Version 5 has
    many new features that make it easier than ever before for developers and
    non-developers alike to build professional looking websites. It's available on testing now and we look forward to receiving your feedback.

    What's new?
    1. New Interface: Step reduced for new easier interface
    2. Member Area: Set permission and user to access certain page
    3. Social Network Integration: Add like button like Box and comment Box on your website, including to browse images from your Facebook
    4. Single Page Preview: Preview the current page you are editing in project
    5. Template Keyword Searching: Easy find the category of template by word typing
    6. Double Sub-menu: Add two levels of sub-menu on navigator
    7. Head Tag Edit: Simply customize the head website

    And more ...

    To preview RVSitebuilder version 5, please visit here

    Any questions and suggestions can post in "RVSitebuilder V.5 Demo" forum here

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