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Thread: reseller backup repository

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    reseller backup repository

    when a reseller (or a user) wants to keep a repository of old backups, he must set a directory structure to support that, and feel them with corresponding backups, like explained in here:

    I was wondering:
    wouldn't it be easier to put a timestamp on the backup filename, just like on the admin-level backup, so several files could be stored in the same directory without having to create multiple cronjobs for this.

    just think of a user that wants hourly backups (24 of them per day) and keep history for a week (7 days a week) = 168 (=24*7) different cronjobs!!!

    with my suggestion, it'll be down to.... 1

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    I guess you can do it with these already made features:

    Just a couple lines of code to rename/move a newly created tar.gz to whatever you want.
    With regards, Alex.

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