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Thread: couple of question from a newbie

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    couple of question from a newbie

    i just bought a vps with DA and it's my first time that i'm using DA so i had lots of searching to do
    i found some of my answers by searching this board and i would appreciate it if someone could take a look at rest :

    1 - is there anyway to allow only specific ip address to login in the each level (root/reseller/user) panels ?

    2- i set my emails to be forward to my gmail account and it works fine . but now i cant see them with roundcube on the AD pnel . IS THERE ANYWAY TO FORWARD THEM TO GMAIL AND STILL BE ABLE TO SEE EMAILS WITH roundcube ?

    3 - about auto backup
    i read some thing in this board about using cron job to run sysbk on daily basis so it can get backup . did i understand this right ?

    4 - and finally according to emails that i've received i've been under Brute-Force Attack since i got this vps (which by the way is still empty )
    in some cases the attacker ip address is !
    it must be a misconfiguration , right ?

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    welcome to this community, here some hints:

    1 -
    2 - Create an e-mail and a forwarder with same name (ex. name@domain.tld as email and name as forwarder to and you will have same email in gmail and local
    3 - i suggest you to use admin level backup that have a restore function, sysbk doesnt and will require manual restore, also, admin backup backup all user and levels (not the os configs) so you will be able to restore in another directadmin server also with a different os
    4 - that's courios, maybe someone trying to log into an email via webmail client, you should need to check logs for access to webmail mainly from http logs in /var/log/httpd/

    Hope those are enough useful.

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    thank you it's very helpful

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