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Thread: NEWBE QUESTION - Apache file - where do I find the files

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    NEWBE QUESTION - Apache file - where do I find the files

    I have co-hosted a server for years, but I only set up user files and dont really bug with anything else. I need to set up a buddypress on one of my clients wordpress sites and it requires that I go to the appache directory andchange the httpdconfig file - add a line to the file. But I cant figure out how to get to that file in the direct admin control panel.
    Sorry for asking such a basic question, I am sure this will annoy a few of you experts.

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    You may not be able to do what you need to do from the DirectAdmin control panel. If you have your own server administrator you should have him or her take care of it for you.

    Otherwise, from the admin login (not the account login) of your DirectAdmin control panel check if you can do a custom HTTP configuration to do what you want.

    If not, then you'll need to create a custom domain-level httpd.conf change from a root shell login. There have been many posts asking and answering how to do this, already on these forums. I'd recommend either searching for them, or hiring me or someone else to handle your server administration.

    I'm not sure what you mean by a co-hosted server. My company, and other companies you'll find posting on these forums, offer completely managed Dedicated and Virtual Private servers running DirectAdmin, and if you don't know how to manage your sever, having a managed server may be your best option.

    I can't give you complete instructions on how to do it, because I don't know the changes which need to be made. Even if I did, I would be loathe to just give you a recipe for making the change; with one simple typo you could cause major problems on your server.

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    Is it a MultiSite support you want to enable there or what? I did not find anything unusual here

    Quote Originally Posted by angela View Post
    Sorry for asking such a basic question, I am sure this will annoy a few of you experts.
    With regards, Alex.

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