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Thread: Directadmin values - Compiled on CentOS 5.0 instead Debian 6.0 and password problem

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    Directadmin values - Compiled on CentOS 5.0 instead Debian 6.0 and password problem


    I have a 2 problems with my DA panel (1.40.3) on Debian 6.0 Squeeze 32bit

    1. In Directadmin values (Licensing/updates) there is information "Compiled on CentOS 5.0" insted Debian 6.0. This is no problem for me, but when i'm trying to change password from panel it's not possible (Error changing password and no details). Debug mode DA shows:

    /usr/bin/passwd: unknown option '--stdin'

    but for Debian it should use chpasswd command to change password:

    echo 'username:cryptedpass' | chpasswd

    main password for FTP account and in .shadow file in user directory are changed, but in /etc/shadow

    2. Second problem is propably simmilar (directadmin values and CentOS 5.0). 3 moths ago i had a problem with update license. IP address is correct, ID and license number is correct, distribution also. Information from getLicense script:

    You are not authorized to download the license with that client id and license id (and/or ip). Please email

    after 5 days i get license without problem. But now i have the same problm and i cannot wait 5 days. I get new temporary license, and now i have no problem, but i don't want have again problems in future with my license.

    Maybe i'm doing something wrong? Maybe it's a bug?
    Propably the answer is in CentOS 5.0 value instead Debian.

    Regards and sorry for my english.


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    You OS name and version must match those in License. Contact to change OS name in License.
    With regards, Alex.

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