Why do we need it?
With the ubiquitous nature of mobile devices in the hands of non-technical users, they are at risk of them compromising their log in credentials at at poorly implemented or old technology hotspots. One cannot adopt the "serves them right" attitude toward the situation because it translates into a problem for the hosting company when their credentials get into the hands of the spammers, the server gets blacklisted, and everyone else on the server are holding hosting company responsible for the service interruption. Moreover, every time such anch an event occurs, it requires hours of time to determine if the problem is due to a bad form on their site or by compromised credentials, and responding as necessary to the data center and spam lists to return the server to full usability.

With all of the mobile devices, we are way, way past the time where this we can afford to roll out hosting without the option of requiring secure E-mail. No major E-mail service today allows unencrypted connections due to the problems they create.

This thread is a request to have DA include an option to require secure E-mail as part of the install. The thread began to drift into something else, so I divided between this request and How to require secure connections for E-mail to provide a useful resource to implement secure E-mail in the interim.