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Thread: How to move away from custombuild?

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    How to move away from custombuild?

    Hey guys;
    Custom build is pretty nice, and I understand custom build is made to make some people's life easier, but for those of us using package based OS, it is an extra step when we update.

    I know it is far too complicated for DA team to maintain any guides on this, because there are far too many different distributions out there. But is there a repository of information where it outlines where DA looks for files to edit and how, so we can modify the packages configurations to match those of that?

    For example:
    • When a reseller add a user, how does it create the user, and vhost for Apache? -- 'Oh, it creates User A, then, it goes to dir B, look for file C, and adds the lines XZY for user A. PS: it writes logs in dir D'
    • After you've installed your own package for Apache (or similar), and configured to work with DA's format as per previous entry, here's how to cleanly remove built in httpd. -- 'command, command, command, tada done.'

    The reason I am asking is because I would like to move away from custom build, and I cannot seem to find any documentations on how to do that safely without DA's functionalities.

    Hope this makes sense

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    I really do not see any sense in doing this... anyway if you want to use PHP/Apache/MySQL/etc from repository of your OS, you are welcome and here you are mostly on your own. But make sure that your software uses existing configs, otherwise you'll need to master POST/PRE scripts in order to make the things work.

    p.s. Search on forums and on and in order to learn more about POST/PRE scripts.
    With regards, Alex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy Huang View Post
    is there a repository of information where it outlines where DA looks for files to edit and how, so we can modify the packages configurations to match those of that?
    To add a bit more to zEitEr's reply:

    There are many posts on these forums concerning how to do this, mostly with FreeBSD and Ports, but the methods are similar no matter what the OS.

    DirectAdmin will use template files to create various user-level configurations and to edit various system-level configurations. As long as your OS package manager won't change current configuration files if they exist, you shouldn't need to worry. If they will, then you may need to keep a testbed system so you can search for changes. Or at the least a copy of each of the master configuration files of all the services you switch to use your OS package manager, so you'll know what you need to copy back after an update, so your system will find the additional files DirectAdmin creates.

    I'm not aware of any single list; perhaps someone else is and will post here.

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