Hey guys;
Custom build is pretty nice, and I understand custom build is made to make some people's life easier, but for those of us using package based OS, it is an extra step when we update.

I know it is far too complicated for DA team to maintain any guides on this, because there are far too many different distributions out there. But is there a repository of information where it outlines where DA looks for files to edit and how, so we can modify the packages configurations to match those of that?

For example:
  • When a reseller add a user, how does it create the user, and vhost for Apache? -- 'Oh, it creates User A, then, it goes to dir B, look for file C, and adds the lines XZY for user A. PS: it writes logs in dir D'
  • After you've installed your own package for Apache (or similar), and configured to work with DA's format as per previous entry, here's how to cleanly remove built in httpd. -- 'command, command, command, tada done.'

The reason I am asking is because I would like to move away from custom build, and I cannot seem to find any documentations on how to do that safely without DA's functionalities.

Hope this makes sense