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Thread: Help! PHP email form are not working :(

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    Help! PHP email form are not working :(

    Contact form in my forum is not working, try it here:
    I didn't receive any email, but I 100 % sure that the email receiver is working fine, can send and receive via direct gmail.

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    Is this a DirectAdmin server?

    If yes, are you using SMTP to send mail? If yes, check logs.

    Is the email sending from your server to gmail or are you using a gmail account for both?
    If you are using gmail account for both, you should need to check login data, maybe the problem is not on the server.

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    If you are using a different mail server than the one from your account. Go to "MX records" under the user account and check off "Use this server to handle my emails.
    If not, change the MX record and uncheck this option" under Local Mail Server.

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