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Thread: Could do with some help with a debian server (sftp)

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    Could do with some help with a debian server (sftp)


    Ive been trying to get a "user" setup for a friend, basically so he could enter IP address of server and it would come up with the directory structure of a certain directory but my attempts so far have failed.....

    This server is bought and I have a user that was setup via a template lets call it "me" I can log in via internet explorer via (fake ip for security) and it will ask for my login and pass and off it goes no problem, but when I try the user I set up it just bounces back to the login prompt, but it can log in via filezilla for example.

    I must admit now that my use of this is very limited so walk through would be very appreciated

    What ive one so far

    Edited sshd_config with :-

    subsystem sftp internal-sftp (#ing the original line)
    adding at the bottom :-
    Match group sftponly
    ChrootDirectory /home/%u
    ForceCommand internal-sftp
    X11Forwarding no
    AllowTcpForwarding no
    Restarted the ssh server

    Added the group sftponly

    added user with

    useradd -m username
    Added user to sftp group with

    usermod -g sftponly username
    removed the shell access

    usermod -s /bin/false username
    Changed ownership

    chown root:root /home/username
    Created a fake home dir

    mkdir -p /home/username/home/username
    Switched user ownership

    chown username:username /home/username/home/username
    and then mouted a directory inside the usernames home direcory

    mount -o bind /some/directory/ /home/username/home/username/new directory
    Is there anything else I need to do to make this work or will it not work at all?


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    What does this have to do with directadmin?

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