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Thread: Hello, I see that I did not get an answer

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    Hello, I see that I did not get an answer

    Hello, I see that I did not get an answer
    I submit a claim I bought Panel and all my life and shut the Panel and I can not connect I submit tomorrow morning will bring serious thing I have bought and received receipts Service
    my clinet id: 14484

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    Are you trying to reach DirectAdmin Sales Department? This forum is not the place to reach them. You can find their contact information here. If you've already tried, and have not received a reply they may not have received your email; try to reach them using this form.

    +1 951 643-5345
    Third-Party DirectAdmin administration and support
    Dedicated Servers, Dedicated Reseller Accounts
    NoBaloney Internet Services div. Qnito Incorporated
    848 North Rainbow Blvd., Suite #3789
    Las Vegas, NV 89107-1103

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