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Thread: current status?

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    current status?

    Hi to you all,

    Since I am having problems getting FreeBSD 8.2 installed on my VPS, and the FreeBSD community pointing out that the issues I have a most likely solved in FreeBSD 9.0, I would like to know the current status for DA to support FreeBSD 9.0 ?

    From the previous thread I understand that technically it's feasible to get DA and all the related services working under FreeBSD 9.0 though it took some working. I am not afraid to do some trying and tweaking to get things working, but I am no specialist at this either, so I really would prefer a (close to) out of the box working solution...

    So... What is the current status for DA to support running on a FreeBSD 9.0 installation?

    Kind regards,


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    Well... since no-one reading the thread seems to have much experience with the combination of FreeBSD 9.0 and DirectAdmin, I thought it best sharing some of my rather 'novice' experiences...

    I have installed FreeBSD 9.0 64-bit on a VPS, or actually just clicked the available image file which was then installed into my VPS. That was all working fine.

    I did some updating with ports and such, installed the latest Bind through ports, and then downloaded the initial script for installing DA. I had a license for the previous FreeBSD 8.2 64-bit and used this one for installing DA on the new FreeBSD 9.0.

    All works, no real issues, just one very confusing error:

    Checking MD5sum on /usr/local/directadmin/scripts/packages/services.tar.gz ... Failed.  Consider deleting /usr/local/directadmin/scripts/packages/services.tar.gz and /usr/local/directadmin/scripts/packages/services.tar.gz.md5 then try again
    After completing the installation I noticed that services.tar.gz and services.tar.gz.md5 were both 222 Mb in size, and when manually checking the md5 hashes, both returned the same hash. Also both verified OK against the hash in the original .md5 file on the directadmin server:

    So, that's probably some scripting error which needs to be fixed ...

    For the rest - sofar - all just seems to be working fine ...

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