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Thread: upload wordpress site with FTP

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    upload wordpress site with FTP


    I've got a question for you guys. I created a website using WordPress bitnami.
    Also I registered a domain/host. I've managed to connect FTP explorer with my host.
    but now I have no idea which maps I have to upload from my Wordpress bitnami file.
    Or do I also have upload or install wordpress on my host? I've tried searching the internet to figure it out, but im not that technical..

    Hope you guys can help me out!



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    Why would someone on a "DirectAdmin" forum know?

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    haha uhh, I got here with the help function from my host..
    So i figured this was the place to ask :P

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    I've moved this thread; it' now off-topic. You can of course ask here, but only your host will be able to tell you if they've preinstalled WordPress on your account, or if they've supplied you with a single-click install utility to install WordPress, or if you have to install it yourself, following instructions at the WordPress site.

    I cannot tell you why your host would direct you to the DirectAdmin forum (which is developed as a self-help forum for DirectAdmin administrators) to answer your question, which has nothing to do with DirectAdmin. You should probably ask them.

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    In public_html (/domains/[DOMAIN]/public_html or if you have SSL, replace public with private

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