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Thread: ProFTPd: has the train left the station...

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    ProFTPd: has the train left the station...

    I can't help but notice that ProFTPd has been replaced as the default DirectAdmin FTP daemon with CustomBuild version 2.

    Are you happy with pure-ftpd? Do you like it better?

    Is it time for us to move away from ProFTPd?

    Comments welcome.

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    fwiw on cpanel server (so take this with grain of salt) pure worked better than pro.
    I could run more concurrent connections and was faster for me.
    now this may not be good for someone hosting for people though.

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    You can configure the max amount of concurrent logins with pure-ftpd so that would not be a problem.
    I used pure-ftpd on my server at home for many years, just because it had so many options and worked perfectly and stable. Next to that you could let it run configured via a configfile or completely configured by a commandline start with all options in it.
    At home it is different then in a production environment, but we had a DA server running on pure-ftpd and had no problems at all. And less updates needed then Proftpd.
    Greetings, Richard.

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    I'm having boxes with both, problems with none. But from the update/security fixes point of view, pureftpd seems better.

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    I couldn't make pureftpd to compile from custombuild on FreeBSD 9. So I am forced to use proftpd. I am not unhappy with it anyway - it works nice.

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