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Thread: How to change default output cronjob

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    How to change default output cronjob

    When a user creates a cronjob, the default setting is to send all output to their useraccount-mailbox. This is a setting at the bottom of the 'cronjobs' page, called "Send all Cron output to E-Mail". Much customers have a cronjob running every minute and are not aware of this setting, which cause to send a email every minute to their default account (which they don't check). One mail has a size of 4KB, which leads to 349MB per month. Because of this many of my customers hit their quota limits very fast, of course.

    Is their any way to set a blank email-address as default for this setting?

    Thanks in advantage,

    Note: As English is not my native language, it's sometimes hard to follow my story. Thanks for taking the time to read and decrypt it, haha.

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    if you want to blackhole cron emails you have to set MAILTO=""

    Not sure how you do it with directadmin though.

    You might have to request a feature request.

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    I want that as the default setting for all user's, yes. So when an user wants to mail the output of a cronjob he has to conscious choose for this.

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    This feature is at your service, with that you can do anything you want or need after a new crontask is set, or an existing one was modified.
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