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Thread: Where is readme file for spamblocker 2.1?

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    Where is readme file for spamblocker 2.1?

    I am running the default exim.conf file provided by DirectAdmin in Custombuild 2.0, in exim.conf it says this:

    # The README file for this version is named:
    # README.SpamBlocker.exim.conf.2.1
    But where can I find the readme for this version of SpamBlocker? I did try to Google for the answer, I found only this wich give a 404 not found error:

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    I no longer maintain the ReadMe file for version 2.1, as I no longer maintain that version of the SpamBlocker exim.conf file.

    My SpamBlocker exim.conf file version 2.1 has been changed dramatically by DirectAdmin since I wrote it, and it's likely the ReadMe file will as last published by me will only lead you astray.

    Nevertheless I've attached the file to this post. Note however that the ReadMe has not been changed in almost seven years, and the exim.conf file has been changed many times, so the ReadMe likely contains many inaccuracies. Even my contact information in it is incorrect.


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