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Thread: Updating problems with automake

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    Sep 2004

    Updating problems with automake

    When running updates with custombuild (1.2):

    Done. Making automake-1.13.1...
    Trying to make automake...
    GEN automake
    GEN aclocal
    GEN t/ax/shell-no-trail-bslash
    GEN runtest
    GEN doc/aclocal.1
    GEN doc/automake.1
    GEN lib/Automake/
    GEN doc/aclocal-1.13.1
    GEN doc/automake-1.13.1
    help2man: can't get `--help' info from automake-1.13
    Try `--no-discard-stderr' if option outputs to stderr
    *** [doc/automake-1.13.1] Error code 2

    We also had problems with clamav, but reverting to the previous version worked around that.

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    Jun 2003
    More information please. What OS Distribution and Version?

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    Sep 2004
    Was on break for a few days. Sorry.

    Automake woes have gone. Clamav however remains.

    Running FreeBSD 9.2-RELEASE

    When custombuild 1.2.41 installs clamav this is what follows:

    Trying to make clamav...
    make  all-recursive
    Making all in libltdl
    cp ./argz_.h argz.h-t
    mv argz.h-t argz.h
    make  all-am
    CC       dlopen.lo
    CC       libltdlc_la-preopen.lo
    CC       libltdlc_la-lt__alloc.lo
      CC       libltdlc_la-lt_dlloader.lo
    CC       libltdlc_la-lt_error.lo
    CC       libltdlc_la-ltdl.lo
    CC       libltdlc_la-slist.lo
    CC       argz.lo
    Making all in libclamav
    make  all-recursive
    Making all in c++
    make  all-am
    CXX      libclamavcxx_la-bytecode2llvm.lo
    CXX      libclamavcxx_la-ClamBCRTChecks.lo
      CXX      libclamavcxx_la-detect.lo
      CXX      Alarm.lo
      CXX      Atomic.lo
    CXX      Disassembler.lo
    CXX      DynamicLibrary.lo
    CXX      Errno.lo
    CXX      Host.lo
    CXX      IncludeFile.lo
    CXX      Memory.lo
    CXX      Mutex.lo
    CXX      Path.lo
    CXX      Process.lo
    bytecode2llvm.cpp: In function 'void setGuard(unsigned char*)':
    bytecode2llvm.cpp:2361: warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to 'char*'
    CXX      Program.lo
    CXX      RWMutex.lo
    CXX      Signals.lo
    CXX      ThreadLocal.lo
    CXX      Threading.lo
    CXX      TimeValue.lo
    CXX      Valgrind.lo
    CXX      ConstantFolding.lo
    CXX      IVUsers.lo
    CXX      InstructionSimplify.lo
    CXX      Loads.lo
    CXX      LoopInfo.lo
    CXX      LoopPass.lo
    CXX      MemoryDependenceAnalysis.lo
    CXX      PHITransAddr.lo
    CXX      ScalarEvolution.lo
    CXX      ScalarEvolutionExpander.lo
    CXX      ScalarEvolutionNormalization.lo
    CXX      AggressiveAntiDepBreaker.lo
    CXX      Analysis.lo
      CXX      BranchFolding.lo
    CXX      CalcSpillWeights.lo
    CXX      CallingConvLower.lo
    CXX      CodePlacementOpt.lo
    CXX      CriticalAntiDepBreaker.lo
      CXX      DeadMachineInstructionElim.lo
    CXX      DwarfEHPrepare.lo
    CXX      GCMetadata.lo
    CXX      GCStrategy.lo
    CXX      InlineSpiller.lo
    CXX      LLVMTargetMachine.lo
    CXX      LatencyPriorityQueue.lo
      CXX      LiveInterval.lo
    CXX      LiveIntervalAnalysis.lo
    CXX      LiveStackAnalysis.lo
    CXX      LocalStackSlotAllocation.lo
    CXX      LowerSubregs.lo
    CXX      MachineCSE.lo
    CXX      MachineLICM.lo
    CXX      MachineModuleInfoImpls.lo
      CXX      MachinePassRegistry.lo
    CXX      MachineSSAUpdater.lo
    CXX      MachineSink.lo
    CXX      MachineVerifier.lo
    CXX      OptimizePHIs.lo
    CXX      PHIElimination.lo
    CXX      Passes.lo
    CXX      PeepholeOptimizer.lo
    CXX      PostRASchedulerList.lo
      CXX      PreAllocSplitting.lo
    CXX      ProcessImplicitDefs.lo
    CXX      PrologEpilogInserter.lo
    CXX      RegAllocFast.lo
    CXX      RegAllocLinearScan.lo
      CXX      RegisterCoalescer.lo
    CXX      RegisterScavenging.lo
    CXX      ScheduleDAGEmit.lo
    CXX      ScheduleDAGInstrs.lo
    CXX      DAGCombiner.lo
      CXX      FastISel.lo
    CXX      FunctionLoweringInfo.lo
    CXX      InstrEmitter.lo
    CXX      LegalizeDAG.lo
    CXX      LegalizeFloatTypes.lo
    CXX      LegalizeIntegerTypes.lo
      CXX      LegalizeTypes.lo
    CXX      LegalizeTypesGeneric.lo
    CXX      LegalizeVectorOps.lo
      CXX      LegalizeVectorTypes.lo
    CXX      ScheduleDAGList.lo
    CXX      ScheduleDAGRRList.lo
    CXX      ScheduleDAGSDNodes.lo
    CXX      SelectionDAG.lo
    CXX      SelectionDAGBuilder.lo
    CXX      SelectionDAGISel.lo
    CXX      SelectionDAGPrinter.lo
    CXX      TargetLowering.lo
    CXX      TargetSelectionDAGInfo.lo
    CXX      ScheduleDAGPrinter.lo
    CXX      ShrinkWrapping.lo
    CXX      SimpleRegisterCoalescing.lo
      CXX      SjLjEHPrepare.lo
      CXX      SlotIndexes.lo
    CXX      Spiller.lo
    CXX      SplitKit.lo
    CXX      StackProtector.lo
    CXX      StackSlotColoring.lo
    CXX      StrongPHIElimination.lo
    CXX      TailDuplication.lo
    CXX      TargetLoweringObjectFileImpl.lo
    CXX      TwoAddressInstructionPass.lo
      CXX      VirtRegMap.lo
      CXX      VirtRegRewriter.lo
      CXX      MCAsmInfoDarwin.lo
    CXX      MCAsmStreamer.lo
    CXX      MCInstPrinter.lo
    CXX      MCLoggingStreamer.lo
    CXX      MCNullStreamer.lo
      CXX      MCStreamer.lo
    CXX      GraphWriter.lo
    CXX      TargetFrameInfo.lo
    CXX      TargetSubtarget.lo
    CXX      ConstantMerge.lo
      CXX      GlobalOpt.lo
    CXX      CodeGenPrepare.lo
    CXX      GEPSplitter.lo
    CXX      GVN.lo
    CXX      LoopStrengthReduce.lo
      CXX      SCCP.lo
      CXX      AddrModeMatcher.lo
    CXX      BasicBlockUtils.lo
    CXX      BreakCriticalEdges.lo
    CXX      BuildLibCalls.lo
    CXX      DemoteRegToStack.lo
    CXX      LCSSA.lo
    CXX      Local.lo
    CXX      LoopSimplify.lo
      CXX      LowerInvoke.lo
    CXX      LowerSwitch.lo
    CXX      Mem2Reg.lo
    CXX      PromoteMemoryToRegister.lo
      CXX      SSAUpdater.lo
    CXX      SimplifyCFG.lo
    CXX      UnifyFunctionExitNodes.lo
      CXX      AliasAnalysis.lo
    CXX      AliasSetTracker.lo
    CXX      BasicAliasAnalysis.lo
    CXX      CaptureTracking.lo
    CXX      DebugInfo.lo
      CXX      CallGraph.lo
      CXX      MemoryBuiltins.lo
    CXX      PointerTracking.lo
    CXX      ProfileInfo.lo
    CXX      ValueTracking.lo
    CXX      ELFCodeEmitter.lo
    CXX      ELFWriter.lo
    CXX      LiveVariables.lo
    CXX      MachineBasicBlock.lo
    CXX      MachineDominators.lo
    CXX      MachineFunction.lo
      CXX      MachineFunctionAnalysis.lo
      CXX      MachineFunctionPass.lo
    CXX      MachineFunctionPrinterPass.lo
    CXX      MachineInstr.lo
    CXX      MachineLoopInfo.lo
    CXX      MachineModuleInfo.lo
      CXX      MachineRegisterInfo.lo
    CXX      ObjectCodeEmitter.lo
    CXX      PostRAHazardRecognizer.lo
    CXX      PseudoSourceValue.lo
      CXX      TargetInstrInfoImpl.lo
      CXX      ScheduleDAG.lo
      CXX      UnreachableBlockElim.lo
    CXX      ExecutionEngine.lo
      CXX      Intercept.lo
    CXX      JIT.lo
      CXX      JITDebugRegisterer.lo
      CXX      JITDwarfEmitter.lo
    CXX      JITEmitter.lo
    CXX      JITMemoryManager.lo
    CXX      OProfileJITEventListener.lo
    CXX      TargetSelect.lo
      CXX      MCAsmInfo.lo
    CXX      MCAssembler.lo
    CXX      MCContext.lo
    CXX      MCExpr.lo
    CXX      MCInst.lo
    CXX      MCSection.lo
    CXX      MCSectionCOFF.lo
    CXX      MCSectionELF.lo
    CXX      MCSectionMachO.lo
      CXX      MCSymbol.lo
    CXX      APFloat.lo
    CXX      APInt.lo
    CXX      Allocator.lo
    CXX      CommandLine.lo
      CXX      ConstantRange.lo
    CXX      Debug.lo
    CXX      Dwarf.lo
    CXX      ErrorHandling.lo
    CXX      FoldingSet.lo
    CXX      FormattedStream.lo
    CXX      ManagedStatic.lo
      CXX      MemoryBuffer.lo
    CXX      PrettyStackTrace.lo
    CXX      SmallPtrSet.lo
    CXX      SmallVector.lo
    CXX      SourceMgr.lo
    CXX      Statistic.lo
      CXX      StringExtras.lo
      CXX      StringMap.lo
    CXX      StringPool.lo
    CXX      StringRef.lo
      CXX      TargetRegistry.lo
    CXX      Timer.lo
    CXX      Triple.lo
    CXX      Twine.lo
      CXX      raw_ostream.lo
    CXX      circular_raw_ostream.lo
    CXX      Mangler.lo
    CXX      SubtargetFeature.lo
    CXX      TargetData.lo
    CXX      TargetInstrInfo.lo
    CXX      TargetLoweringObjectFile.lo
    CXX      TargetMachine.lo
    CXX      TargetRegisterInfo.lo
    CXX      DCE.lo
      CXX      SimplifyCFGPass.lo
      CXX      AsmWriter.lo
    CXX      Attributes.lo
    CXX      AutoUpgrade.lo
    CXX      BasicBlock.lo
    CXX      ConstantFold.lo
    CXX      Constants.lo
      CXX      Core.lo
    CXX      DebugLoc.lo
    CXX      Dominators.lo
    CXX      Function.lo
    CXX      GVMaterializer.lo
    CXX      Globals.lo
      CXX      IRBuilder.lo
      CXX      InlineAsm.lo
    CXX      Instruction.lo
    CXX      Instructions.lo
    CXX      IntrinsicInst.lo
    CXX      LLVMContext.lo
    CXX      LLVMContextImpl.lo
    CXX      LeakDetector.lo
    CXX      Metadata.lo
    CXX      Module.lo
    CXX      Pass.lo
    CXX      PassManager.lo
    CXX      PassRegistry.lo
    CXX      PrintModulePass.lo
    CXX      Type.lo
      CXX      TypeSymbolTable.lo
      CXX      Use.lo
    CXX      Value.lo
    CXX      ValueSymbolTable.lo
      CXX      ValueTypes.lo
    CXX      Verifier.lo
    CXX      libllvmx86codegen_la-ELFObjectWriter.lo
    CXX      libllvmx86codegen_la-MCAsmInfoCOFF.lo
    CXX      libllvmx86codegen_la-MCCodeEmitter.lo
      CXX      libllvmx86codegen_la-MCELFStreamer.lo
    CXX      libllvmx86codegen_la-MCMachOStreamer.lo
    CXX      libllvmx86codegen_la-MCObjectStreamer.lo
    CXX      libllvmx86codegen_la-MCObjectWriter.lo
    CXX      libllvmx86codegen_la-MachObjectWriter.lo
    CXX      libllvmx86codegen_la-TargetAsmBackend.lo
    CXX      libllvmx86codegen_la-WinCOFFObjectWriter.lo
    CXX      libllvmx86codegen_la-WinCOFFStreamer.lo
      CXX      libllvmx86codegen_la-TargetELFWriterInfo.lo
    CXX      libllvmx86codegen_la-SSEDomainFix.lo
    CXX      libllvmx86codegen_la-X86TargetInfo.lo
      CXX      libllvmx86codegen_la-X86AsmBackend.lo
    CXX      libllvmx86codegen_la-X86COFFMachineModuleInfo.lo
    CXX      libllvmx86codegen_la-X86CodeEmitter.lo
      CXX      libllvmx86codegen_la-X86ELFWriterInfo.lo
      CXX      libllvmx86codegen_la-X86FastISel.lo
      CXX      libllvmx86codegen_la-X86FloatingPoint.lo
    CXX      libllvmx86codegen_la-X86ISelDAGToDAG.lo
    CXX      libllvmx86codegen_la-X86ISelLowering.lo
    CXX      libllvmx86codegen_la-X86InstrInfo.lo
      CXX      libllvmx86codegen_la-X86JITInfo.lo
    CXX      libllvmx86codegen_la-X86MCAsmInfo.lo
    CXX      libllvmx86codegen_la-X86MCCodeEmitter.lo
      CXX      libllvmx86codegen_la-X86RegisterInfo.lo
      CXX      libllvmx86codegen_la-X86SelectionDAGInfo.lo
    CXX      libllvmx86codegen_la-X86Subtarget.lo
    CXX      libllvmx86codegen_la-X86TargetMachine.lo
      CXX      libllvmx86codegen_la-X86TargetObjectFile.lo
    GEN      version.h.tmp
      CC       unrar15.lo
    CC       unrar.lo
      CC       unrar20.lo
      CC       unrarppm.lo
    CC       unrarvm.lo
      CC       unrarcmd.lo
    CC       unrarfilter.lo
      CC       unrarhlp.lo
    CC       unrar_iface.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-matcher-ac.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-matcher-bm.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-matcher-hash.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-matcher.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-others.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-readdb.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-cvd.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-dsig.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-scanners.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-textdet.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-filetypes.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-rtf.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-blob.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-mbox.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-message.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-table.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-text.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-ole2_extract.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-vba_extract.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-msexpand.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-pe.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-pe_icons.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-disasm.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-upx.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-htmlnorm.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-chmunpack.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-rebuildpe.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-petite.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-wwunpack.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-unsp.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-aspack.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-packlibs.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fsg.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-mew.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-upack.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-line.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-untar.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-unzip.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-ooxml.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-inflate64.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-special.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-binhex.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-is_tar.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-tnef.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-autoit.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-unarj.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-bzlib.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-nulsft.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-infblock.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-pdf.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-pdfng.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-spin.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-yc.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-elf.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-sis.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-uuencode.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-phishcheck.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-phish_domaincheck_db.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-phish_whitelist.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-regex_list.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-regex_suffix.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-mspack.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-cab.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-entconv.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-hashtab.lo
    entconv.c: In function 'in_iconv_u16':
    entconv.c:736: warning: passing argument 2 of 'iconv' from incompatible pointer type
    CC       libclamav_la-dconf.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-lzma_iface.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-7z_iface.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-7zAlloc.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-7zBuf.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-7zBuf2.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-7zCrc.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-7zDec.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-7zFile.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-7zIn.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-7zStream.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-Bcj2.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-Bra.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-Bra86.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-Lzma2Dec.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-LzmaDec.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-Ppmd7.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-Ppmd7Dec.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-Xz.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-XzCrc64.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-XzDec.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-XzIn.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-Delta.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-BraIA64.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-CpuArch.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-7zCrcOpt.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-explode.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-textnorm.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-dlp.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-js-norm.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-uniq.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-mpool.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-filtering.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fmap.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-perflogging.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-bytecode.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-bytecode_vm.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-cpio.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-macho.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-ishield.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-bytecode_api.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-bytecode_api_decl.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-cache.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-bytecode_detect.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-events.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-adc.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-dmg.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-xar.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-xdp.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-mbr.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-gpt.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-apm.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-prtn_intxn.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-json_api.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-xz_iface.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-sf_base64decode.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-hfsplus.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-swf.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-jpeg.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-png.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-iso9660.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-arc4.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-rijndael.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-crtmgr.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-asn1.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fpu.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-stats.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-www.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-stats_json.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-hostid.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-openioc.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-msdoc.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-fp_add.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_add_d.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_addmod.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_cmp.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_cmp_d.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-fp_cmp_mag.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_sub.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_sub_d.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-fp_submod.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-s_fp_add.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-s_fp_sub.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-fp_radix_size.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_read_radix.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-fp_read_signed_bin.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-fp_read_unsigned_bin.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-fp_reverse.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_s_rmap.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-fp_signed_bin_size.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_to_signed_bin.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_to_unsigned_bin.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-fp_toradix.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-fp_toradix_n.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-fp_unsigned_bin_size.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_cnt_lsb.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_count_bits.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-fp_div_2.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-fp_div_2d.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-fp_lshd.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-fp_mod_2d.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_rshd.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_div.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_div_d.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_mod.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_mod_d.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-fp_2expt.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_exptmod.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_ident.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_set.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_montgomery_calc_normalization.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-fp_montgomery_reduce.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_montgomery_setup.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_mul.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_mul_comba.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-fp_mul_2.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-fp_mul_2d.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_mul_comba_12.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-fp_mul_comba_17.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-fp_mul_comba_20.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_mul_comba_24.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_mul_comba_28.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_mul_comba_3.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-fp_mul_comba_32.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_mul_comba_4.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_mul_comba_48.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-fp_mul_comba_6.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-fp_mul_comba_64.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-fp_mul_comba_7.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_mul_comba_8.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-fp_mul_comba_9.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_mul_comba_small_set.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_mul_d.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_mulmod.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_invmod.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_sqr.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-fp_sqr_comba_12.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_sqr_comba_17.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_sqr_comba_20.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-fp_sqr_comba_24.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_sqr_comba_28.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_sqr_comba_3.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_sqr_comba_32.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-fp_sqr_comba_4.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_sqr_comba_48.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_sqr_comba_6.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_sqr_comba_64.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_sqr_comba_7.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_sqr_comba_8.lo
      CC       libclamav_la-fp_sqr_comba_9.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_sqr_comba_generic.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_sqr_comba_small_set.lo
    CC       libclamav_la-fp_sqrmod.lo
      CC       libclamav_internal_utils_la-str.lo
    CC       libclamav_internal_utils_nothreads_la-str.lo
    CC       libclamav_internal_utils_la-conv.lo
      CC       libclamav_internal_utils_nothreads_la-conv.lo
    CC       libclamav_internal_utils_la-crypto.lo
      CC       libclamav_internal_utils_nothreads_la-crypto.lo
    CC       libclamav_internal_utils_la-iowrap.lo
    CC       libclamav_internal_utils_nothreads_la-iowrap.lo
      CC       libclamav_internal_utils_la-others_common.lo
    CC       libclamav_internal_utils_nothreads_la-others_common.lo
    CC       libclamav_internal_utils_la-qsort.lo
      CC       libclamav_internal_utils_nothreads_la-qsort.lo
    CC       libclamav_internal_utils_la-strlcpy.lo
    CC       libclamav_internal_utils_nothreads_la-strlcpy.lo
    CC       libclamav_internal_utils_la-regcomp.lo
      CC       libclamav_internal_utils_nothreads_la-regcomp.lo
    CC       libclamav_internal_utils_la-regerror.lo
    CC       libclamav_internal_utils_nothreads_la-regerror.lo
    CC       libclamav_internal_utils_la-regexec.lo
      CC       libclamav_internal_utils_nothreads_la-regexec.lo
      CC       libclamav_internal_utils_la-regfree.lo
    CC       libclamav_internal_utils_nothreads_la-regfree.lo
    regex/regexec.c: In function 'cli_regexec':
    regex/regexec.c:161: warning: passing argument 2 of 'smatcher' discards qualifiers from pointer target type
    regex/regexec.c:163: warning: passing argument 2 of 'lmatcher' discards qualifiers from pointer target type
    regex/regexec.c: In function 'cli_regexec':
    regex/regexec.c:161: warning: passing argument 2 of 'smatcher' discards qualifiers from pointer target type
    regex/regexec.c:163: warning: passing argument 2 of 'lmatcher' discards qualifiers from pointer target type
    CC       libclamav_nocxx_la-bytecode_nojit.lo
    GEN      version.h
    CC       libclamav_la-version.lo
    Making all in clamscan
    CC       output.o
    CC       getopt.o
    CC       optparser.o
      CC       actions.o
    CC       misc.o
    CC       clamscan.o
      CC       manager.o
      CCLD     clamscan
    Making all in clamd
    CC       output.o
    CC       optparser.o
      CC       getopt.o
      CC       misc.o
    CC       clamd.o
    CC       tcpserver.o
    CC       localserver.o
    CC       session.o
    CC       thrmgr.o
    CC       server-th.o
    CC       scanner.o
    CC       others.o
      CC       fan.o
      CCLD     clamd
    Making all in clamdscan
    CC       output.o
    CC       optparser.o
      CC       misc.o
      CC       getopt.o
    CC       actions.o
    CC       clamdcom.o
    CC       clamdscan.o
      CC       proto.o
    CC       client.o
      CCLD     clamdscan
    Making all in freshclam
    CC       output.o
    CC       optparser.o
    CC       getopt.o
      CC       misc.o
    CC       cdiff.o
    In file included from ../libclamav/others.h:52,
                     from ../libclamav/matcher.h:28,
                     from ../libclamav/others.h:22,
                     from ../shared/cdiff.c:41:
    ../libclamav/crtmgr.h:33: error: 'SHA1_HASH_SIZE' undeclared here (not in a function)
    In file included from ../libclamav/matcher.h:28,
                     from ../libclamav/others.h:22,
                     from ../shared/cdiff.c:41:
    ../libclamav/others.h:317: error: expected specifier-qualifier-list before 'clcb_file_props'
    ../libclamav/others.h:388: error: expected specifier-qualifier-list before 'clcb_file_props'
    ../shared/cdiff.c: In function 'cdiff_apply':
    ../shared/cdiff.c:781: error: 'EVP_MD_CTX' undeclared (first use in this function)
    ../shared/cdiff.c:781: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
    ../shared/cdiff.c:781: error: for each function it appears in.)
    ../shared/cdiff.c:781: error: 'sha256ctx' undeclared (first use in this function)
    *** [cdiff.o] Error code 1
    1 error
    *** [all-recursive] Error code 1
    1 error
    *** [all] Error code 2
    1 error
    *** The make has failed, do you want to try to make again? (y,n):

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    I've moved the thread as the issue could be specific to your use of FreeBSD. You didn't specificy 32 or 64 bit, so I may have moved it to the wrong subforum. Please post if you're running 32-bit version of FreeBSD, and I'll move the thread to the correct version again.

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    It's amd64, so 64bit. I've not gotten any notifications about replies so I've missed these.

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