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Thread: NS cant find a way to point to a different IP

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    NS cant find a way to point to a different IP

    hi Iam wondering to understand Debian 7
    Domain Created


    User added to named.conf file successfully
    Added record A to satisfy NS
    Added record A to satisfy NS
    Please check the zone for to ensure the nameserver A records are correct.

    Domain Created Successfully

    Iam need to make a point too not how can I make it point to the other IP address when adding the domain name I look at the domain DNs admin part of it cant seam to find what Iam looking for

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    I'm not sure of your question. Are you using the DirectAdmin control panel for webhosting? If not, then you're in the wrong place.

    If you are, then you only set up A records for ns1.example.tld and ns2.example.tld for the domains which actually have the nameservers, and you can change the IP#s one time, manually, if the automatic setup doesn't give you the A recod IP# values you want.

    At the reseller level you can set up what nameservers are assigned to each of the new domains you create, but they don't require A records and IP#s, only NS records.

    If you're using DirectAdmin then please be more specific with your question.


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