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Thread: Is Exim in a Jail on Debian 8?

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    Is Exim in a Jail on Debian 8?

    I have run DirectAdmin on Debian 7 for a couple years, works fine.

    I am trying a server (fresh install) on Debian 8.

    It is quite different, there is no longer an /etc/init.d/exim with the DA install.

    On Debian 7 I have Exim access a socket at /tmp/srsd to process some SPF/SRS stuff.

    With Debian 8 and DirectAdmin it does not work. I have verified permissions etc. and that all looks good.

    I increased debugging in Exim to see what happens when Exim tries to call the socket, it says:

    failed to connect to socket /tmp/srsd: No such file or directory

    That is simply not true, so I am wondering if Exim is running in some type of Jail? I don't know enough about Debian to determine if DirectAdmin has installed Exim in a jail.

    Can anyone shed some light on this?

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    Please check /etc/systemd/system/exim.service and PrivateTmp setting there.
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