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Thread: Assistance with mySQL performance issue

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    Question Assistance with mySQL performance issue

    Hi All,

    We seem to have some performance issues with one of our servers whenever MySQL is involved. Pages that are pure HTML load very quickly.

    With many of our clients now running Wordpress based sites, we’ve got a few complains.

    We’re not sure why there is a big wait to lookup any database info, and we have played with some MySQL memory settings and buffer sizes which have helped to an extent, but not enough.

    The Operating System is a virtual guest on a 2012R2 HyperV host, however we can monitor the usage of CPU, memory and disk via the host and these aren't an issue. We've tried doubling RAM and vCPU which has no major change to our results.

    We're hoping somebody who has a better understanding of mySQL, with CentOS and DirectAdmin experience would be able to help us out.

    Our current timezine is GMT+11, you would be able to log in to the system anytime however outages and restarts would need to be after 10pm local time - please factor any timezone differences in to your response

    Please contact me via PM to discuss in more detail.


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    Since you tried doubling the ram didn't give you any improvement I wonder if your config is setup correctly to benefit from the upgrade at all.

    How much ram is mysql service using in general?

    Regards, Niels

    Ps: checkout the huge my.cnf example and look into mariadb.

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    Have you installed to get some more info and suggestions about the my.cnf ?
    I found it somewhat helpfull in tuning the MySQL setup.

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    It's now closed as the topic starter intended to hire somebody and was not looking for a solution on how to resolve the issue.

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