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Thread: Mod_ruid2 not working

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    Mod_ruid2 not working

    Hello, i've updated my server to the latest Ubuntu release 16.04 LTS
    Also updated all of Directadmin and now i'm running into issues wit mod_ruid2

    If I run apache as is it gives an error in Firefox (translated) "Secure connection failed Connection re-initialised" on a SSL secure host.
    If i disable the Loadmodule mod_ruid2 inside httpd-phpmodules.conf everything works (except mod_ruid and user rights on the directory's)

    i'm using PHP 7.0.17, apache 2.4.25, mod_ruid2/0.9.8

    Also let's encrypt can't update the certificates any more, something to do with the .well-known alias or it user rights with mod_ruid2

    EDIT: could also be SuExec problem. but both ain't working. so i'm having trouble with file ownership.
    in options.conf i've clearly stated mod_ruid=yes
    and in configure.apache it says with-suexec and enable-so

    can someone point me into a direction?
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