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Thread: DirectSlave/GO 3 - public beta

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    Quote Originally Posted by stefanfr View Post

    I'm trying to install DirectSlave on centos 7.
    Everything is working i guess.
    Except my *.db files look weird and not like they are on the server with directadmin.

    This is how my *.db files right now, this can't be right?
    I've 3 other domains setup and al look somewhat similar.

    Does anybody have this same problem and how did they fix it?
    There is also no error or what so ever.
    That should be fine, don't worry Bind automatically save slave files as raw binary format to improve performance. If you want to check the contents of the zone files, you can convert them to text format.

    named-compilezone -f raw -F text -o domain.ext.txt domain.ext domain.ext.db
    -f = input format
    -F = output format
    -o = filename(output) zonename(domain) filename(input)
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