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Thread: How do I edit an existing record?

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    Question How do I edit an existing record?

    In the DNS page for my domain, it seems I can only either delete existing records, or add new ones.

    As far as I can see, in order to change something I now have to first delete a record, and then re-create the same record again with the new desired value. That seems like a really dumb way, not to mention it could cause an unnecessary double update in the DNS info which has to be propagated, or even cause some potential downtime.

    Am I doing something wrong? Is there no way to simply edit an existing record?

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    It is not possible to update a record, so they way you are doing it now is the only and correct way to change records.

    Some tips that could help prevent possible downtime (while the risk is already low):
    - Always lower the TTL before you are going to change records.
    - Where possible you first added a record and then delete the old one.
    With kind regards,
    Niels |

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    Making it a Feature request

    Might be good to crosspost this one to feature requests.

    I've seen a lot of DNS management interfaces, but none up till now didn't allow a simple edit.

    Especially with SPF records it's a real hazzle for a simple edit to need to delete and recreate.

    so +1 here.

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    If I'm not mistaken... it will be released with Evolution skin mentioned somewhere here:

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