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Thread: How to transfer the domain to another provider ?

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    How to transfer the domain to another provider ?


    Is it possiple to transfer the domain to another provider

    I understand I need the followinging

    1. To unlock the domain I want to transfer

    2. I need access to the admin email to confirm the transfer. Is that possiple ?

    3. An Authorization Code

    Hope someone can help

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    Hi, Directadmin cannot help you with any of this. You will need to contact the current registrar of your domain, which can be found by doing a whois lookup.

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    This is indeed no Directadmin question, and wtptrs is right. Just to provide you with some more insight....

    1.) This has to be done at the old registrar, mostly via their control panel by the (old) owner of the domain or the registrant/registrar.
    2.) Not needed for all TLD's but for some you need the domain registrant's email to confirm. This is normally not the DA admin email.
    3.) This also has to be obtained from the old registrar.
    Greetings, Richard.

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