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Thread: Mistakenly created subdomain and now my site is down

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    Unhappy Mistakenly created subdomain and now my site is down

    I'm new to DirectAdmin, bear with me on this.

    I have an external server and using DirectAdmin to manage my domain. I had my site working on and with A records, but decided to tinker with the functions abit.

    I added a subdomain of www using DirectAdmin and now my site wont work. It only works now. I removed the subdomain + directories + A records related to the subdomain I just created but still to no avail.

    When I check the dns for using online tools it came out with 2 ip's the first one is the external server and the latter is the DirectAdmin server that I didn't use. Please help

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    It only works now.
    Check your DNS records. When it's working with but not with then the www A record is probably not present anymore.
    It might have been removed because you created a subdomain with www instead of with another non-default name and deleted it afterwards.

    Go into your DNS manager and check. If it's not present, add the A record again, should look like this:
    www A
    replace that ip with your DA server ip like the other ip's mentioned there and you should be fine. Could take a little time to propagate though.
    Greetings, Richard.

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