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Thread: Installation partitions on Ceph disk

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    Installation partitions on Ceph disk


    I'm planning to install DirectAdmin on a new virtual server.
    I found the recommended partition structure here:

    I want to mount a external Ceph disk with more I/O's to the system. What partitions should I place on that disk? Where does DA store its user data like MySQL databases etc? Is all data from a user/reseller stored into its /home directory or on separated places?


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    Here you can see all paths used by directadmin:

    Metadata and directadmin configs are stored under /usr/local/directadmin/

    User data is stored under /home/*

    By default on CentOS datadir for MySQL is /var/lib/mysql/, but you can change it to /home/mysql/

    And /home/ can be changed to /usr/home/

    So you can mount your Ceph disk as /usr/
    With regards, Alex.

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    Thanks for the info, Alex.
    I'll try that!

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