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Thread: Hostname problem?

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    Hostname problem?


    I received this message:

    Subject: This is e-mail notification to warn you that your hostname is setup improperly on your system.
    Cannot find your hostname using the command '/bin/hostname --fqdn'. Please check this command to ensure it works properly.
    If you get the error:
    hostname: Name or service not known

    Check your /etc/resolv.conf and try setting it to use to resolve your hostname, . This will cause major issues when sending email.


    Create an A record for your hostname (.) in your DNS control panel. Point the hostname to your server's main IP address. Also check /etc/hosts to ensure that the server ip is correctly set.
    Can someone help me solve this problem more accurately?

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    I'm not sure what kind of a help you want. So please clarify it. Or check the suggested link below:

    - How to change your hostname
    With regards, Alex.

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