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Thread: How would I install the evolution skin?

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    How would I install the evolution skin?

    I grabbed the latest Evolution skin (3 december 2017) and tried to install it both automatically and manually.

    Via the Web-interface, trying to upload the skin (.tar.gz file as downloaded), I got this message:

    Error untarring the archive: gzip: stdin: not in gzip format /bin/tar: Child returned status 1 /bin/tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
    The skin package did not install properly. Either there were files missing, or their permissions were incorrectly set
    when I copied all skin files into admin/skins/evo3dec/ , I was able to install the skin and select it in the web interface. However, after loading the skin I got a full blank page..

    So both ways seem to fail me.

    What is the correct way to install the skin successfully?

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    Seriously, no reply in a week..?

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    Feel free to open a ticket with Directadmin support then:
    With regards, Alex.

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