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Thread: Leave modsecurity settings unchanged when \build rewrite_confs

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    Leave modsecurity settings unchanged when \build rewrite_confs


    We have modsecurity engine installed, but it is set to 'off' (or detectonly) in the comodo-plugin.

    To do a general change in de httpd-configuration, it is very easy to use the button 'rewrite confs' in admin>httpd-configurations.
    But then modsecurity is also reset to the CB options and is set to 'on' again.

    Can you change this build-script that is won't change/overrule the settings in the modsecurity-plugin?

    (By the way, the handy plugin is only installed when you choose the comodo-rules. Why not also for owasp? To get the plugin, i first install comodo (on nginx) and then install it back to owasp. )
    update: this does not work well enough since the comodo rules will be used again, and that doesnt work with nginx

    Greetz, Lydia
    Last edited by flexjoly; 12-06-2017 at 03:47 PM. Reason: found out that the plugin conflicts with nginx

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    I actually noticed this too today if you have the plugin installed and enabled.....
    Regards, Peter
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