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Thread: TLS client disconnected cleanly (rejected our certificate?)

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    TLS client disconnected cleanly (rejected our certificate?)


    for one website I use PHPMailer 6.0.1.

    When I have configered $SMTPAutoTLS = true then mail is not being send and I have following error in the mainlog:

    2017-12-18 12:58:38 TLS error on connection from ( [] (SSL_accept): error:14094418:SSL routines:ssl3_read_bytes:tlsv1 alert unknown ca
    2017-12-18 12:58:38 TLS client disconnected cleanly (rejected our certificate?)

    When I put $SMTPAutoTLS = false mail is being send. But is it possible to use TLS or not?

    I think it's an error about the certificate.

    The domain has a certifcate for and
    There is not certificate for only for and

    May this be the error?
    Should I have a certificate also for (I don't use this domain for my website, it's only the name of the server)

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    If you don't use Mail SNI and your domain's cert is not added into Exim then you need either to connect to a hostname or install your domain's cert into Exim.
    Regards, Alex G.

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