I've got strange problem with deleting messages from Spambox/Inbox/Imap Folders (skin Enhanced and Power_user -> E-Mail accounts).
There are messages from last year and also from this month.

When the option near button "Purge From" is set to "All E-Mail" - files are deleted correctly.
But when it's set to "Older then 1 days" (or other "Older...") - no messages are deleted.

The account was moved from other server (Admin backup/transfer) several days ago.
I've checked permissions (660/770) and ownership (user/mail).

And DA logs looks only like that:

19/01/2018:17:28:59     xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx POST /CMD_EMAIL_POP HTTP/1.1     user
19/01/2018:17:28:59     xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx GET /CMD_EMAIL_POP HTTP/1.1      user
and nothing in error(task) logs.

A few infos:
system: Debian 8 64bits
DA: 1.52.1

Please help