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Thread: tickets about brute force attacks

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    Question tickets about brute force attacks

    I get a lot of tickets like
    Brute-Force Attack detected in service log from IP(s),,

    A brute force attack has been detected in one of your service logs.

    IP has 650 failed login attempts: exim2=650
    IP has 335 failed login attempts: exim2=335
    IP has 339 failed login attempts: exim2=339

    Check 'Admin Level -> Brute Force Monitor' for more information

    with the same ip, why the system don't block them?
    how can I stop it? or how to stop the tickets created about that?

    thank you

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    Detecting and preventing brute force login attacks:

    How to block IPs with Brute Force Monitor in DirectAdmin using CSF?

    I trust my brute force attack blocking system, I don't need to see all of the BFM messages.
    Kind regards, Fred

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    I also use this method mentioned above
    i think thats zEitEr site/documents but may be wrong.
    but its worked well for me, I keep eye on csf/lfd and brute force monitor in DA anyways so don't need tons of emails/tickets
    Dave M

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